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Great price on a unique solar lantern. I already had another one branded differently but was the same SB-6039 design. These are great tent lanterns with wide light coverage. The folding design makes it easy to pack. The solar panels are a nice feature to recharge during the day for extended adventures. The battery can charge by Micro USB as well. <br>Only con is that the battery in these self-discharge quickly. I've noticed that the battery will be completely dead after a few weeks of storage. Product also comes shipped with dead battery likely due to self-discharge. You'll want to charge these by USB before your adventure.
The product is bright and is powered by two 18650 cells that are removable. This makes charging them by AC easy if necessary and allows the swap out of batteries. The extra solar panels are a nice touch to get the batteries recharged. The different modes are easy to access and work as they should in testing. <br>The product is also warehoused in US-LA which was great for me in California. The order arrived in about 3 days. <br>My only concern is the plastic used for the lamp body. It's not very thick or tough so the light will likely break if dropped. Caution should be used in mounting and handling. <br>Overall, a great light for a yard or area that gets a good amount of sunlight during the day.
Great deal on flash sale and shipped from US warehouse. <br>Powerbank is feature-packed with a bright light panel and UV light. The UV light is not very powerful or useful but a nice touch. The solar panel will charge in emergency conditions so that there is some hope of generating charge over time. With the light panel and solar panel, this powerbank is ideal for outdoor adventures and camping in addition to emergencies. <br>Overall, a great product for price. I got multiple to give as gifts.
Bardzo dobrze wykonana latarka. Świetnie leży w dłoni. Dodatkowo ma klips który umożliwia przypięcie do paska i smyczkę na rękę. Na plus należy zaliczyć zapasowe uszczelki. Daje mocne światło i ma 4 tryby świecenia. Za niewielkie pieniądze dostałem latarkę która jakością i wykonaniem przerosła moje najśmielsze oczekiwania. Polecam!
Ottima per un garage, un po' meno per gli interni perchè la luce è troppo fredda. Fosse disponibile a 3000k sarebbe perfetta!
I got this flashlight after 2 weeks, bravo Gearbest.<br>What can I say? Instantly love it, works as described......
So excited to get these dancing lights in place with a space tapestry! Bright with a cool white color!
it has many useful modes and gives a lot of light.<br>it draws around 6amps on high mode.<br>The mounting accesories are quite good.
Very fast delivery and packaging. High quality product. Very good value for money great administration.<br>Thanks
Quality is very high and design is good. Price is nice
Good and excellent