Yeelink is engaging in creating a brand new, high-quality, and comfortable lighting experience with smarter user operation, providing personalized and superior quality lighting that people require. The team at Yeelink is brimming with outstanding talents from the Internet, communications, consumer electronics, and high-end lighting industries. They will carry out further comprehensive smart lighting solutions which satisfy the smart lighting requirements of household consumers and industrial users as well as by obtain data related to the everyday lives of consumers, based on which they will involve in other sectors of the smart home market. Yeelink mainly utilizes the materials from internationally respected companies to complete the industrial designs and associated engineering work of its products. All the company’s industrial design engineers have experiences in cooperation and developing projects with first-rate design companies, such as Misfit, Fuseproject, and Jawbone. Our lighting products are created to match the standards of world-class popular electronic consumer products, with design standards and product requirements markedly superior to those of other domestic lighting companies. Yeelink boasts a variety of online and offline sales channels in both domestic and international markets. The Bolt Smart Light, which the company developed in 2014 through a collaboration with Misfit, a US fashionable technology brand, has already been awarded a German Red Dot Award and entered mainstream sales channels, for example, Best Buy. The design and quality of this product have received a roar of approval from the most stringent consumer groups.

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Der Dimmer kommt perfekt verpackt ins Haus. Man zieht den Batteriekontaktstreifen raus und schon hat der Dimmer Eigenstrom. Wenn man eine Yeelight Lampe hat hat man auch die APP auf dem Handy. Man wählt den Switch Dimmer aus und die Installtion dauert keine Minute.<br>Sollte man keine APP haben, kein Problem. Den Dimmer direkt unter die LED Leuchte halten und vorher das Licht per Wandschalter einschalten. danach drückt man den Knopf am Dimmerrand für ca. 3 Sekunden, damit die LED am Dimmer zu blinken beginnt. Den Dimmer jetzt sehr nach an die Lampe halten und nach ca. 15 Sekunden beginnt das Paring, das Licht der (Decken) Lampe beginnt zu flackern. Wenn das geschehen ist, warten bis es zu Ende ist und fertig ist das Paring. Das Dimmen ist dann kein Problem mehr - die Lichtart verstellt man in dem Man den Drehrad gedrückt verdreht - es wird die Kelvinart verändert - Ich finde das Teil geil und habe gleich 3x davon
Получил лампу вот в таком виде. Доставка курьером на дом, но это не уберегло мою лампу. Служба поддержки предложила нажатием ее выпрямить самостоятельно. Более-менее получилось. Спасибо и на этом) Остались небольшие замятия, но пользоваться можно. Какую либо компенсацию, ждать я так понял не стоит, даже в том случае если приобретете страховку. Я оплатил страховку, но мне это не особо помогло. Вся надежда только на себя)) Лампа большая и вероятность ее повреждения высокая.
SK - Produkt dorazil v poriadku a bez problémov. Vlastním už veľa podobných svetielok, či už Xiaomi alebo od iných výrobcov. Xiaomi potvrdzuje to, že vyrába skvelé produkty a za veľmi dobrú cenu. Tieto svetlá nie sú výnimkou. Dobrá práca. Ďakujem Gearbest.<br>ENG - The product arrived fine and without problems. I already own many similar lights, whether from Xiaomi or from other manufacturers. Xiaomi confirms that it produces great products at a very good price. These lights are no exception. Good job. Thank you Gearbest.
Our bedroom light is a fan combo with a remote, the downside is only one side of the bed could have the remote which meant there would be some days I wouldn't know where the remote is. I installed these bulbs to link with Mijia APP and it's perfect. They immediately paired with the app smart life. It's crazy how you can control the color and brightenness which means I can fall asleep without being bothered by the light still being in. Glad we got these! I just wish the white color were a little brighter.
i choose this light because was pretty interesting for my side. i bought two pieces for my children and using it in kid's room so far. Very good for sleeping time mode and usefully for mi home app. i can manipulate by app from anywhere. The shipping was almost two months but am very satisfied and already bought 650 with RGB to livingroom too. thanks to seller.
with aid of the yeellight and google home apps i no longer come to a dark house.<br>No More walking around in the dark.<br>We have 4 of these and when I only bought one to see how they worked but once I realized the potential of them I then ordered 3 more for the main rooms .<br>No more getting up to switch lights on its OK google lights on or whatever room.<br><br>Worth the investment.
I really love to get these type of bulbs. Easy to set up and pair with wifi, really good pre-defined themes to serve my current mood. Grouping and room creating make the app handy to use. I was shocked (in a good manner) when I installed the bulbs and the app said: please update firmware, feel like the next century baby.
Like all the other xiaomi products, the hardware of this lamp is flawless. It has a nice design and works pretty well.<br><br>The only think i don't like is that every 2-3 month there is a update in the app that breaks the sync with the lamp <br>and I have to reset it. This is something I encounter with almost all xiaomi devices.
Installed facilente, just as I imagined, light change from warm White to cool in 5 or 6 different shades and you can increase and decrease the brightness that goes well beyond my expectations, I was afraid that not illuminasse a 5 × 4 meters lights fine top quality product, highly recommend
I love the way it turns on during night time when it's dark in the room and turns off during day time or when lights are on in the room. The brightness is not too bright or too dull. Making it perfect for the bedroom or bathroom.<br>I believe it's a great deal at the best price!
They are working well and I have no regrets in purchasing them. The discounted price should be those normal price. One of the three units runs out of charge two days or so earlier than the other ones. Overall I'm happy about the purchase and the ease of use and simple charging port.
J'en ai acheté 3 pour ma véranda. J'ai configuré une seule des 3 télécommandes pour allumer ou éteindre les 3 plafonniers en même temps. L'appli yeelight permet de configurer chaque plafonnier et de les gérer indépendamment l'un de l'autre. On peut aussi créer des scénarios différents.<br>Ce plafonnier est aussi très facile à installer.
Качественно сделанный ночной светильник!Включается автоматически,когда становиться темно! Выключить можно принудительно кнопкой! Работает от 220 (вилка китайская),но в посылку положили переходник под европейскую розетку!Светит приятным теплым светом !!!!
the lights are super easy to setup and with awesome. really recommend it!<br><br>just need to create a mi account. this is something I would have preferred not to but it works great with Google home as well.
It works very well since first easy installation. I use it with Amazon Alexa Eco dot 3^gen to control alle the functions from remote, with Italian commands. Warm dimmerable light, as you can watch on video.
This gadget is amazing and I love it because it is a perfect companion at night and it helps you when you need a light. You just wave your hand and you have it.
Very nice and colorful lamb. And additionally it is smart. If you have xiaomi ecosystem then it is very recommended. It can make any color. Very impressing.
Works fine on my Yeelight Meteorite Led Dinner lamp. <br>The instruction for the setup with the lamp weren't clear, had to watch several videos online to find the right buttons to use in order to connect it with my lamp.<br><br>Design is good and weight is ultra light. Batteries included.
All together I am satisfied with the light. It has very strong light a lot a color temperature you can change from. The RGB light also useful but do not expect party light from it :) Easy to install, easy to set-up!
I have tried this smart bulb and the quality is amazing!<br>The colors are so intense (especially red, green and blue).<br>It's very easy to use the Yeelights app, where you can chose different illuminating modes.
Very good option to place on the kitchen - look nice and modern. Connects grate with the google assistant and works great with the mi home app
the light is bright. it reacts quickly on movement. the duration of the light is sufficiently long.<br>It's not a smart light that you can control it with remote or app. just a bright light with a pir sensor
Vynikajúco sa s ním ovláda inteligentné osvetlenie, umožňuje nastavenie farby svetla, jasu, denného a nočného režimu. Síce sa nezmestí do štandardnej inštalačnej krabice ale dá sa krabica upraviť vyrezaním rohov.
un producto completo en varios aspectos buena luminosidad facil de instalar y de usar con la aplicacion yeelight que esta disponible en México, lo unico malo a google home le cuesta trabajo entender los cambios de color pero eso es de home no puedo hablar por alexa, me compraré mas
This is a terrific little rechargeable light that will easily clamp onto shelves etc. The 3 levels of brightness make it very versatile as well. So good i've ordered another one!
La lampada è simpatica, leggere e si comanda sia con l'app sia sfiorando la piantana. Molto facile da montare ed arrivata integra. La luminosità non è molto forte e non è stabilissima quando la si comanda col dito. Comunque nel complesso un buon prodotto, leggermente sotto le attese, prezzo giusto.
Best price and fast delivery for this xiaomi yeelight night lamp. Delivery time is good: 10 days.
This smart led light strip is excellent quality and works perfectly. I can control it via my Amazon Alexa smart speakers, or the app on my phone. Highly recommended.
Like this product. It is perfect and very bright. Killed a lot of flies and mosquitoes in my backyard. I will buy one for my front yard. You can't miss this product.
I'm very happy because this product is great :) I'm full satisfied with it. I recomended it, you can be sure that is very good :)<br><br>its pity - CN adapter with EU reduction :(