A growing global phenomenon, Xiaomi has an amazing portfolio of products. By building on their streamlined production processes, Xiaomi has successfully integrated forward-thinking designs into each and every one of their product lines. 2014 was an unbelievable year for Xiaomi, releasing new phones, tablets, and earphones. With each growing success, Xiaomi has greater confidence in the ability to expand into other products.

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"Genuine world-class brand. Stunning designs, leading craftsmanship and flagship-level products at affordable prices. The new leader." "Always impressive, I love Xiaomi products for their consistency: they look and feel fantastic. And deliver uncompromising performance."

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Ho acquistato questo smartphone per mia zia circa due anni fa! Il telefono è leggerissimo e ha una buona durata la batteria, va benissimo per un utilizzo normale con chiamate sms whatsapp navigazione internet youtube spotify instagram snapchat facebook senza avere blocchi o rallentamenti.Lo schermo è molto buono, la fotocamera è base, non aspettatevi foto spettacolari, ma fa il suo sporco lavoro! La versione globale funziona perfettamente in Italia, testato con Iliad, Tim e Vodafone, ottima ricezione in 4g e anche il wi fi funziona perfettamente...in due anni nessun problema, sinceramente all'inizio ero scettico e pensavo che fosse una cinesata che costava poco ma valesse poco, invece si è rivelato un ottimo prodotto in base al rapporto qualitàprezzo..mi sento di consigliare l'acquisto di questo cellulare e io infatti passerò a breve a un telefono xiaomi! non posso valutare il supporto clienti perchè non ne ho mai avuto necessità...la spedizione classica dalla cina con le sue tempistiche!
J'ai acheté ce bracelet connecté pour pouvoir suivre mes activités sportives. Combiné à l'application Mi Fit il fait parfaitement son travail concernant la course à pied et le vélo. En revanche, il dit n'importe quoi pour le tapis de course en salle (8km annoncé pour 12km réel).<br>Niveau fréquence cardiaque, quelques petits bug mais sinon assez fiable pendant un effort sportif (comparé avec le cardio fréquence mètre de la salle de sport). Oublié le suivi en piscine, ça n'est pas possible avec ce bracelet.<br>Concernant l'application Mi Fit, elle st simple d'utilisation et très complète niveau informations. Le seul problème est le GPS lors d'un effort sportif qui n'est pas toujours bien calibré (peut-être dû à mon téléphone).<br>Si vous recherchez un bracelet qui vous dis votre vitesse, votre temps, votre rythme cardiaque pendant que vous courrez et la distance parcourue, alors ce bracelet est suffisant et pour son prix n'hésitez pas.<br>Dernier bémol, les calories perdues annoncées ne sont pas du tout fiable.
s týmto typom od xiaomi som veľmi spokojný, verziu 3/32 používam už dva roky - silná batéria, úsporný ale rýchly procesor, veľká ram a pamäť. celkom dobrý displej. nie je veľký v ruke. táto verzia je medzinárodná - koncovka je US a bez band 20 - to je mínus ale nie je to strašné. všetko kompenzuje cena - bola 58€ za verziu 4/64. Ja som spokojný<br><br>I am very happy with this type from xiaomi, I have been using the 3/32 version for two years - a strong battery, an economical but fast processor, a large ram and memory. quite a good display. not big in hand. this version is international - the ending is US and without band 20 - it's minus but it's not terrible. everything compensates the price - it was 58 € for version 4/64. I am satisfied
I had a bit of problems with the shipment of the product.<br>The product itself is really amazing!<br>Blazing fast, touchscreen is really sensitive and even with 50% ROM usage it still works like a charm.<br>One of the most cool feature of this smartphone, which is not mentioned anywhere, is that it has an its own "security app". This app will help you keep your phone fit by cleaning it from obsolete files and improving the life of your battery turning off useless apps which are running or by smart balancing the light of the screen.<br><br>If i really have to find a flaw in this product, well it has none.<br>At the time when I bought the phone I was afraid to be in trouble if would happen something to it (like falling, being hit, ...) since there were no Xiaomi product centre in my country yet, but that was solved with a cover with amazing bumpers.
Dopo aver valutato diversi prodotti simili, ho scelto, senza esitare, questo articolo, in quanto originale e garantito. Arrivato nei tempi previsti ed accuratamente imballato, conteneva inoltre anche un piccolo set di cacciaviti ed attrezzi adatti per la riparazione del mio smartphone. Gli altri prodotti, sebbene di prezzo inferiore e quindi più convenienti, presentavano vari problemi di compatibilità che ne limitavano il perfetto utilizzo. Questo articolo preso su gearbest, anche se un pò piú caro, mi garantiva la perfetta efficienza, è così è stato. Una volta sostituito, il mio smartphone è tornato nuovo e perfettamente efficiente. Lo schermo è magnifico ed il touch funzione benissimo.<br>Lo consiglio vivamente a tutti coloro che ne avessero bisogno.
Es la tercera versión de esta serie de audifonos lo cual permite una mejora en el tiempo.<br><br>* El precio es excelente, no conseguí otra marca con mejor calidad/precio<br>* Los audifonos son bastante livianos lo que permite usarlo por horas son causar molestias ( altamente recomendados para largos períodos de trabajo )<br>* El micrófono funciona muy bien<br>* Este modelo viene sencillo, así que es recomendable comprar adicionalmente un estuche para guardarlos.<br><br>P.D. El sonido es "normalizado"... No es para personas que busquen sonido muy alto pero si que busquen algo bastante nitido.
me gusto mucho este router. sin duda su precio es excelente y de gama alta, tiene muchas configuraciones para la protección y monitoreo de la red, es excelente para la administración de mi lan. el gran punto negativo es que su aplicación es completamente en chino y debes traducirlo. no te serviran apps modificadas con version español por que hay un recuadro donde siempre te molesta para actualizar a la version mas reciente asi que no te queda de otra mas que traducir. no cuenta con soporte para ingles asi que olvidenlo, las nuevas versiones de la aplicación solo estan en chino. lo recomiendo, me llego en excelentes condiciones a ciudad de mexico. gracias
Lo compre por escuchar música y poder llevármelo a cualquier sitio. Por tamaño es ideal para poder llevarlo de viaje sin ningún problema, cabe en cualquier pequeño espacio. El sonido es bueno, es pequeño, pero no se le puede pedir mucho mas, si se sube mucho el volumen distorsiona, pero es normal con el tamaño que tiene.<br>La duración de la batería es espectacular, y la conexión por bluetooth no me ha dado ningún problema con ninguno de los dispositivos que lo he vinculado.<br>El precio lo mejor de todo, y viniendo de Xiaomi, seguro que está fabricado con componentes de calidad. <br>Estoy encantado con el.<br>Como punto negativo, no se puede vincular mas de uno para tener sonido estéreo, pero la verdad con el precio que tiene es mas que normal.
September 26, 2016<br>Great Fast Laptop Received this a few days ago. The SSD drive is what makes the deal. It is really fast for launching applications. The rest of the specs - processor, ram, video chip - are decent enough, nothing crazy but plenty of power for your average user. The keyboard is nice and the screen looks nice with its 1080p resolution. The overall build quality of the laptop is decent. I wouldn't say you could do heavy-duty gaming on this rig, but it works fine for me. Cross Fire, LOL runs smoothly. I haven't done any extended testing - battery life, reliability, etc. but so far it's been a good machine.
This was my first purchase at the gearbest. I just de ided to jump in, trusting in GB and I tell you this was very great the phone has a very great quality, good materials, the phone work perfectly and I liked so much that I bought a second phone this was wonderful for a first purchase no deception at all the battery is just fine and the android one is an exceptional experience. Xiaomi is a great company as well so I am sure they have better phones but with the quality/price of this phone I'm 100% sure it won't let you down. <br>I just want to thank GB and Xiaomi for this wonderful expirience and say you that you won't regreat of buying this phone.
Shipping was as usual very quick, arrived in secure carboard box and on opening,<br>I was pleasently suprised to find a sealed polystyrene box with all the tools as well as the glue <br>to complete the job of replacing my smashed screen.<br>Replacement could not have been easier (after following a Youtube video on how to do the replacement)<br>Screen is of high quality and i cannot tell the difference between it and the origenal.<br>Glue and all tools worke great and there was more than enough glue supplier for at least a dozen phone screens.<br>All in all great product and great service.<br>Thanks.
The phone works quickly and efficiently. The battery can last up to a day and a half calmly. The fingerprint scanner works instantly. The back of the phone gets dirty quickly and is slippery, which can easily fall out of the hand, so I advise you to put on the case included in the set. Xiaomi is not known for good cameras and this model also reveals itself. On a sunny day it can be x-rayed or just the opposite - too dark. I think you have to play a little more with it. The advantage of the phone is its large capacity and smooth operation.
Original FHD Display + Touch Screen Digitizer Assembly Replacement for Xiaomi Redmi 4A<br>This is NOT an easy job for someone who has no technical skills with Disassembling or Assembling Cellphones / Mobile Phones. So only purchase this item if you know how to install it.<br>We will not be held any responsible for damage to your cellphone / mobile phone that you may cause during the changing of replacement parts.<br>Special skill and techniques required for proper installation. Think twice before you disassemble your phone.
I’m very pleased with this ultrabook. The quality of materials is very high and the computer has a high performance. The only downsize about this purchase was the GB policy regarding the fast sales, it seems that they put the items on sale without a stock and give you the information that the item is available. They charged me right away and i spent almost a month trying to figure out what was going on. Received it a month and a half after the order was placed, guess that you have to be patient form orders coming from China.
Xiaomi ZSH.COM Antibacterial Cotton Towel Sport SeriesXiaomi ZSH.COM Antibacterial Cotton Towel Sport SeriesXiaomi ZSH.COM Antibacterial Cotton Towel Sport SeriesXiaomi ZSH.COM Antibacterial Cotton Towel Sport SeriesXiaomi ZSH.COM Antibacterial Cotton Towel Sport SeriesXiaomi ZSH.COM Antibacterial Cotton Towel Sport SeriesXiaomi ZSH.COM Antibacterial Cotton Towel Sport SeriesXiaomi ZSH.COM Antibacterial Cotton Towel Sport SeriesXiaomi ZSH.COM Antibacterial Cotton Towel Sport Series
I was scared to buy here in Gearbest bc im from México and didnt know if it was gonna arrive but they even called me when it did. The backpack was in perfect condition and looks and feels fantastic i love it, exactly what i was expected, even more. 11/10<br><br>____________________________________________________________________<br><br>La verdad estaba un poco asustado de comprar aquí y que no llegara a México pero todo en orden, incluso me marcaron cuando llego el paquete. La mochila esta con madres, llego en perfectas condiciones al chile me mama, exactamente lo que esperaba y tal vez un poco mas. 11/10
Es simple de configurar, se puede copiar la red y que el wifi actué como uno solo, el problema con esto es que a veces necesitas que tu chrome cast, smart tv, portatil, celular se conecte a algún punto en especifico, el mas cercano(por cuestiones de calidad de señal y velocidad de red) y no hay manera de especificarlo o hacerlo, por tanto hay otro modo donde se crea otra red con el distintivo de "plus" lo que es cansado ya que si cambias de lugar en tu hogar a veces recibe las dos señales al tiempo y se queda con la de mas mala recepción, lo cual es fataliti. Pero bueee todos los extensores deben tener estos problemas, entonces sigue siendo BBB
шесть розеток ,три USB порта Original Xiaomi CXB6 - 1QM 6-outlet Power ,отличный удлинитель от Xiaomi,описани соответствует, доставка быстрая ,продукт качественный,рекомендую!<br>six sockets, three USB ports Original Xiaomi CXB6 - 1QM 6-outlet Power, an excellent extender from Xiaomi, description fits, delivery is fast, quality product, I recommend!
I bought this to use with my Xiaomi phone and I am very happy with the results.<br>When both laptops at home are in use by other family members I just take the conversion adapter and I can connect mouse, keyboard and TV to my phone to send emails and work on writing some notes.<br>Thanks to USB-C port it is possible to connect phone charger and charge the smartphone while working on the phone with other USB port used for mouse.<br><br>Communication is very fast and reliable. Good overall quality of the Adapter.
Pros:<br>+ Compact and very well designed.<br>+ Do its function as expected (four parameters are monitored).<br>+ Price (with a coupon) was very adequate, so why not give this product a chance?<br>+ Several units can be used at the same time withe the official app, so you can monitor key plants in your garden/home<br><br>Cons:<br>- Sometimes has trouble finding connection, but seem to be improved trough latest app updates
Die Lieferung hat eine Ewigkeit gedauert (>90 Tage), aber das Warten hat sich gelohnt. Der Adapter ist perfekt bearbeitet, keine scharfen Kanten, einfach tadellos. Wird von OSx als auch von W10 problemlos erkannt. Musste keine Treiber installieren. Anstöpseln und loslegen, das war's.<br><br>The delivery took ages (> 90 days), but the wait was worth it. The adapter is perfectly machined, no sharp edges, just perfect. Easily detected by OSx and W10. Did not need to install drivers. Plug in and get started, that's it.
The only negative - a month went to the Crimea.<br>It was delivered in a branded white envelope, size L, silver, with a protective film on it. Tactilely very pleasant. The working surface is matte, the edges are beveled at an angle and glossy. Almost the entire area underneath is occupied by a silicone lining. The mouse on such a rug works fine.
Смарт просто супер, быстрый с учётом оптимизации фоновых процессов и отключением не нужных приложений вообще летает, камера настраивается в настройках камеры, добавлением насыщенности и тд, Батарея в режиме ожидания 3-4 дня в среднем использовании 2 дня с запасом. Силиконовый бампер стекло или плёнка и устройство будет долго служить.<br>Достоинства:автономность работы, аппаратная часть за свою цену, быстро действия, облегчённый андроид<br>Недостатки:нет
O pocophone e bastante bom em termos de processamento, ideal para quem gosta de phone gaming<br>Avaliei todos os parametros em cinco estrelas pois estou bastante satisfeito com todos eles<br>Com cerca de 2 meses ou mais de uso nao tenho um aspeto negativo acerca do telemovel, a nao ser o facto, da netflix nao poder ser visualizada em full hd ou hd ready<br>O produto em relação ao preço e bastante satisfatorio<br>A bateria de 4000 mAh e surpreendente e e capaz de aguentar um dia inteiro sem haver a preocupação de carregar<br>Na minha opinião é o melhor smartphone abaixo dos 500 euros
Those headphones are not budget friendly. But, you definitely get a decent value, and I can say that Xiaomi won the title of my favourite headphones! <br>Straight out of the box they are super comfortable. After Continuous use I barely feel any discomfort, besides slightly warmer ears.<br>The sound quality is great as well as the microphone attached to the cable.<br>Highly recommended
this little smartphone is very good for the first year and the charging port stopped working and so I have to buy another one. but for $190 I would have expected it to last a couple of years at least. otherwise it is very good when it was working. these little electronic items from China tends to have the same problem with the charging port s because I have a smartwatch $250 from China and the charging port is also problematic. ce la vie
Produto bem embalado e chegou rápido.<br>Instruções apenas em chinês mas não acrescentam nada num aparelho que funciona automaticamente. <br>Foi fácil instalar a aplicação Mi Home e emparelhar. <br>Apenas noto que as medições não são muito estáveis, está sempre a oscilar 0,1 para cima e para baixo, pode ser porque está à pouco tempo no espaço e ainda não estabilizou. <br>O suporte de parede com fita dupla face é íman para fixar é muito funcional.
Pros:<br>+ Aesthetics is great, yet functional.<br>+ Do its work as expected (and synchronizes with the common ‘Xiaomi Mi Fit’ app for monitoring).<br>+ Price (with a coupon) was very adequate for its quality.<br>+ Several persons can be monitored at the same time withe the official app.<br>+ Batteries (which were included) last a lot.<br>+ Never looses bluetooth connection after last updates<br> <br>Cons:<br>- None
Un PC che ho preso per mio padre, che lo utilizza anche per editing video amatoriale e pertanto necessita di prestazioni buone. Schermo ben visibile da ogni angolazione e con una buona risposta, la batteria regge 3/4 ore di gioco impegnativo prima di dare segnali di cedimento. Tastiera internazionale a cui bisogna fare un po' la mano.<br>Veloce nell'accendersi e nel riprendersi dallo standby, look sobrio e compatto. La concorrenza si aggira su prezzi almeno il 50% più alti. Unica "pecca" il sistema operativo in cinese, che si cambia in 15 minuti.