Light up your world with Utorch, a leading brand for premium quality flashlights, lamps and other lighting solutions. For those who demand quality without compromise, get a world of bright ideas for less with Utorch.

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Veramente un bellissimo articolo ancora più di quanto mi aspettassi. Ho provato queste lampade nella nostra terrazza e devo dire che fanno un effetto veramente bello e molto suggestivo,quando viene sera le lampade si accendono e creano questo effetto fuoco e sembrano veramente fiamme all'interno delle fiaccole. E' possibile anche utilizzarle con luce ferma sia di luminosità intensa che bassa pigiando solamente sul tasto a fianco di esse. Anche le decorazioni che avvolgono le luci danno un tocco di eleganza ed originalità, sono fatte in ottimo materiale plastico e questo non ne diminuisce il valore anzi isola bene le luci dall'acqua e dall'umidità. Per serate romantiche e per un tocco di bellezza al giardino o alla terrazza sono perfette. ottimo articolo ..
Отличный недорогой ночник. Имеет 6 светодиодов, питается от трёх элементов размера ААА. Крепится либо встроенным магнитом к металлической поверхности, либо двусторонним скотчем из комплекта к любой другой. Имеет датчик освещенности и датчик движения. Включается по срабатыванию датчика движения при активном датчике света (то бишь, работает только в темноте). Радиус срабатывания - около 1.5 метров. Брал 2 штуки для освещения темной прихожей с коридором. В результате оказалось достаточно света одного фонаря.
I wanted a brighter outdoor light than the 16 led Interlamp. The Utorch has 24 LEDs and includes some at the side. <br>Motion detection is good. <br>It has three settings: Dim - constantly on low when dark and bright when movement detected; High - on bright when dark; Sensor - on bright when dark and movement detected.<br>I haven't seen how good the waterproof is as we don't have rain yet.<br>Recommended
Quando giunge in scatola si deve montare. Non è difficile, ma il piedistallo non ha un serraggio ben fermo anche se una volta montato e posizionato difficilmente si sposta. La luce è facilmente dimmerabile sia da telecomando che da pannello sullo stelo e la luce per la lettura consente un ottima visione. La posizione della lampada è facilmente modificabile secondo le proprie esigenze. Quando si spegne la luce rimane un led rosso acceso, visto che non c'è un vero interruttore forse era meglio che il led non ci fosse. Nel complesso sono molto soddisfatto.
He comprado, de color blanco, 3 unidades para poner en el pasillo de casa. Decir que no son muy potentes pero dan la luz perfecta para iluminar el trozo de pasillo que alcanza la luz de una pieza, y al dar un par de pasos "a oscuras" la siguiente luz detecta el movimiento y se enciende. Ya no necesito encender las luces de todo el pasillo por la noche cuando salgo a la cocina o al aseo.
POSITIVE<br>+ Very good construction<br>+ The lighting modes are very well thought out<br>+ Candlelight mode (about 2 lm)<br>+ Water resistant<br>+ Good runtime<br>+ Works well with re-chargable AA<br>NEGATIVE<br>- The switch button has a few times been accidentally pressed in my pocket. This is the only negative of the light
These lights are activated by motion sensors and they work for approximately half a minute after the last detected motion. The tone of light ist warum and the brightness is quite high, definitrly sufficient for night time environments. Mounting these lights is very easy, either by applyubg screws, adhesive pads (included) or the built-in magnets.
Versatile and bright, I do use the warm/cool adjustment throughout the day. I wish it remembered the last setting when power is lost so it could be used with switched outlets and smart plugs, but otherwise a great floor lamp.
Excellent lamp, everything is super. It will light at the Moximum bright enough, the light is pleasant. Fast shipping. I recommend.
Good design!good quality!Great quality rating for the asking price.European plug.Very pleased with this floor lamp !!
the utorch its extra better then on screan to bad i ordered only 3 because my mother want another utorch cuz my dad take it to his ofice thats how he like it
Классный "фонаричек", думал пришлют какой-то китайский шерпотреп. Оказалось годный - светит мощно даже слепит, запасные уплотнительные резинки в комплекте, на водопроницаемось не проверял думаю метр выдержит (ниже резьбы надел ещё одну резинку из запасных)
Доставка достаточно быстрая, качество продукта - удовлетворительное.<br>Почему-то не все видео корректно отображаются на устройстве!
It's a good addition to your lavatory with nice lightning effects.<br>You don't need batteries because it has thermal sensor.
Il prodotto è di buona fattura, ottimo rapporti qualità prezzo. Consigliato sia l'acquisto sia il venditore.
Отлично! На высоте!! Полностью совпадает с описанием продавца на сайте!!! Качество шикарное!!! Я очень доволен!!!
I give this classification because the product is verygood, i would recomend to my friends , the only thing that a think that could be better was if the sound was i bit turbe.<br>the price in comparation with another brands is very good
Bardzo przydatny gadżet,polecam wszystkim niezdecydowanym.<br>Działa bez zarzutu i wygląda elegancko :)
Great product, very useful on camping. I will order more. Great. Sun charges it very fast. Light very bright.
device have already worked at me about half year. Charger also worj is good. it have about 1.7-1.8 A current
świetna lampka, dzieciaki mega zadowolone.<br>świetna zabawka dla dzieciaków.
The item is good and it's performing really well as advertised.<br>I do recommend.
small, but look nice and works. <br>I recomended this gadget maybe for gift.
I've bought 10 lamps so far...<br>I've had it for over half a year and I'm very pleased
Ottima torcia. molto luminosa e estremamente compatta. Il prezzo è decisamente conveniente. sicuramente consigliabile
Me encanta para iluminar. La tengo en la cocina y en la escalera y la verdad es que me gusta mucha. Se enciende enseguida y ilumina bastante bien.
отличное качество! супер быстрая доставка. такой большой ращмер я не ожидал! рекомендую!
De boa qualidade e funciona na perfeição.<br>A luz é suficiente para iluminar espaço indicado.<br>Satisfeito com o artigo.
turn the night into day , very powerfull with 5 functions