For the ultimate android experience, Oukitel phones are the perfect companion for the Android lover. Liquid smooth experience highlights Oukitel phones as they are a fan favorite among tech enthusiasts. Reviews rave about how comfortable Oukitel phones are hold and the phone experience is exceptional.

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"Oukitel really know how to make top tier phablets - basically flagship quality at at least 1/2 or 1/3 price. Really incredible price-performance ratio. The displays looks absolutely fantastic and crystal clear. The phones are insanely fast, really push everything around like crazy. Multitasking, games, videos - everything is faster by orders of magnitude. Love Oukitel so much!!" "My favorite brand is now Oukitel. Perfect combination of great hardware choice under the hood, razor sharp touchscreens that are incredibly responsive, and superb construction/craftsmanship. Oukitel have a distinctive design style that stands out. Really premium at an affordable price."

4.7 out of 5

Reviews Score Average based 99 reviews

what people are saying
This is an amazing phone.<br>Lets start with the best of it, the battery, very big battery and until now is behaving very well. it last for 3 days with some intensive use like games, videos, music and others. With a normal/reduced use I think it might last 7 to 10 days.<br>Next is the ram, 6gb it could take a lot of applications running at the same time without being slow. work very fast and that is very good.<br>storage, It says 64gb that is good for normal use, but I saw in some tools regarding 128GB that I don't know what it is, need to investigate.<br>the screen is big enought to give a good view to videos photos or documents.<br>The cameras are not the best in the market but they work very well for the day by day use.<br>It cames with Android 9 and this image have some installed tools that might get andy with time, like pedometer, compass, magnifier, etc.<br>The only thing is that is very heavy, my kids joke with it and call it "the brick".<br>Overall, this is a very good phone and I think is good for all the guys that like good and resistent gadgets.
been searching for rugged phone for a while got lucky to have gotten my ulphone armor 6E a few years ago that lasted a while till a simple drop from my knee in hight cracked the screen along the edge freak kind of thing then the phone just started acting funny. knew about Oukitel but wasn't to sure since alot of the reviews were always negative they didn't like this or they didn't like that and it was always wrapped around the camera for me it was about the battery love this phone big smooth great battery started out at 100% now down to 50% my other phone would be on charge right now at about 15-20%<br>still going movies play just fine gaming is incredible still figuring things out a specially trying to get my star contacts to show up like they did in my other phone.
Tämä puhelin tuli nopeasti DHL:n kyydissä kotiovelle asti vajaassa kahdessa viikossa...<br>Puhelin iloinen yllätys toiminnoiltaan.. Melkein puhdas android 9 eikä juuri tehtaan omia virityksiä. Virransäästö ominaisuuksia oli tietenkin likaa päällä ( esim. älykäs virransäästö kannataa ottaa pois päältä)<br>Vielä kun White list iin valitsi oikeat asetukset sekä Duraspeed asetuksista ne sovellukset joiden ei halua sammuvan kun näyttö sammuu niin oikein hyvä puhelin... Erinominen esim. retkeilyyn suuren näyttönsä vuoksi missä kartat pyörivät jouhevasti...<br>Automatikaalla näyttö yrittää koko ajan kirkastua aivan liian kirkkaaksi... joten oli asennettava Velis Auto Brightness hoitamaan näytön kirkkautta...<br>GPS yllättävän levoton ja epätarkka mutta play kaupasta saatava gps-boosteri auttoi hiukan asiaa...
Sobre el terminal ....solo una palabra WAOOOO!! Es increíble funciona perfectamente y el precio es muy inferior a otros de sus mismas csracteristicas Llevo desde 2016 comprando en esta tienda y siempre han respondido excelentemente. Nunca he tenido ningún problema. El pedido se entrega el día indicado y cuando he tenido alguna contrariedad, solo una vez y porque yo me equivoqué en el color, ha sido cambiado al día siguiente. Seguire comprando aquí. Los pocos euros de diferencia que hay con otras webs merecen la pena y están justificados por su servicio y atención al cliente.
The Oukitel WP5 is almost perfect for this price a rugged low-end smartphone, designed mainly for extreme outdoor users. The major selling point of the device is the fact that it comes with MIL-STD-810G and IP68 certified for water, dust and shock resistance. So getting detailed on the specifications, the WP5 comes with a 5.5-inch HD+ display with 720 x 1440 pixels resolution. It does not have notch or pop up selfie design, hence retains a standard 18:9 aspect ratio. for me i choose many times this phone for best selling phone in my business, must buy 2020 rugged
The WP5 is the ultimate rugged phone for less than 100$ yes i am not dreaming this is tru reality A nice armored watter proof smartphone with android system run smoothly with normal daily use, not verry good for gaming but it still can run PUBG with minimum settings smoothly ! the camera are just good and nice expect night shoot but still a good camera for this price ! i agree that there are better rugged phone but the P5 is the best in this price segment you will not find better a huge battery with 3 LED and finger print this is just amazing ... !
excellent value for the $. great camera. fast and feels light and good in my hands. expected it to be heavier as the battery is 4000mah. not heavy. feels good. good quality calls. nice screen. very happy so far in the 2nd day of its use. battery on full charge will last 8-10 hours so far with all day use. took less than 7 days via DHL to arrive.
Wer nicht soviel Schnick Schnack braucht bekommt hier ein wirklich günstiges Mobiltelefon. Der Bildschirm bzw. die Auflösung ist super. Im Prinzip, wenn man nicht mit NFC zahlen möchte, attraktives Preis Leistungsverhältnis. Zum 3D zocken ist es nichts. Spiele wie Fortress oder CoC gehen einwandfrei. Musik hören auch.
bought this for my business line but i love it... my main phone is a OnePlus but this is a solid performer... my OnePlus is amazing but it was expensive... this phone is very nice and speedy and while it's not a OnePlus it is about one sixth of the cost with only a slight lag during heavy use... very impressed
Delivery: Took more than 1 month<br>Phone Specs: The system matches the description. <br>Phone Quality: 20/10 - More than amazing!<br><br>Will definitely buy again next time :)<br><br>Caution: Expect long waiting.
First I want to say Thank you very much for great communication on the shipping..!**..<br>.it took a good while but I got the Phone condition....great packing !!**.....<br>it's a beautiful large rugged works flawless and battery is outstanding..!...<br>The camera feature is good...!**.....would recommend .!!***...Thank you
Quality product, very good material, with a very nice color, i like that black color
excellent value for money good phone for the price got for my daughter but the only thing is don't come with hack point for headphones had to buy blue tooth head phones
Good telephone. After a few months, it still holds the battery perfectly. 3-4 days of active use. The system slows down slightly (this is compared with the smoothness of the Sony or Xiaomi interface), but in general it performs very well.
I still use this phone. <br>It’s fast as long as you don’t install too many apps<br>The only bad thing is the weight but that’s due to the high lasting battery life
The phone is cute with the best materials, big screen and looks really good with a nice attractive finish. It has good sound and nice colour pictures. It looks and feels robust and comfortable to handle in the pulm. The calling sound is great with great music sound output.
The product came in perfect condition and just as described ;)<br>The product came in perfect condition and just as described ;)
just received my package today and thanks again for the good service.... nice phones
very good phone with a very good battery. if you need a trustful phone, take this on!!!
A very nice phone call. An elegant design. I used it with pleasure.
Já passar mais de 3 anos e este telemóvel continua a funcionar bem.<br>A câmara fotográfica não é muito boa, mas serve para o dia-a-dia.<br>Vou continuar a comprar Oukitel.
Esse celular é otimo, a bateria dele dura bastante e ele é bem bonito, a câmera não é das melhores, porém o celular é bem rápido e bonito, pelo preço ele ta otimo
Bom Telemóvel, robusto, e com uma bateria fenomenal.<br>Os 4 gigas de RAM são mais q suficientes os 32 tb <br>design apelativo<br>recomendo
Gostei muito do aparelho, possui um ótimo desempenho. Comprei o aparelho a 4 anos e só agora deu problema na bateria.
This is a good deal. My son loved it! Excellent mobile phone.
j'adore ce téléphone. j'adore la couleur. super batterie de 11000mAh
super smartphone super batterie. je le recommande . robuste
gut und preiswert, passgenau. was kann man noch zu einem Glas sagen?
Charge quickly!
Top telefone de guerra, ecrã enorme bom para dar aos avós