Yeelink is engaging in creating a brand new, high-quality, and comfortable lighting experience with smarter user operation, providing personalized and superior quality lighting that people require. The team at Yeelink is brimming with outstanding talents from the Internet, communications, consumer electronics, and high-end lighting industries. They will carry out further comprehensive smart lighting solutions which satisfy the smart lighting requirements of household consumers and industrial users as well as by obtain data related to the everyday lives of consumers, based on which they will involve in other sectors of the smart home market. Yeelink mainly utilizes the materials from internationally respected companies to complete the industrial designs and associated engineering work of its products. All the company’s industrial design engineers have experiences in cooperation and developing projects with first-rate design companies, such as Misfit, Fuseproject, and Jawbone. Our lighting products are created to match the standards of world-class popular electronic consumer products, with design standards and product requirements markedly superior to those of other domestic lighting companies. Yeelink boasts a variety of online and offline sales channels in both domestic and international markets. The Bolt Smart Light, which the company developed in 2014 through a collaboration with Misfit, a US fashionable technology brand, has already been awarded a German Red Dot Award and entered mainstream sales channels, for example, Best Buy. The design and quality of this product have received a roar of approval from the most stringent consumer groups.

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4.9 out of 5

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what people are saying
Just received the goods, the packaging is very tight, Smart Cooler appearance is very fashionable, immediately installed in the kitchen according to the instructions, tested, the wind speed is very big, cooling very fast, like his 120 degrees adjustable, can also be illuminated, as described on the product page, if you are looking for a two-in-one lighting and cooling equipment, recommend him, very cost-effective!
I bought this as a gift for my daughter, who needs a lamp in her living room. She likes the appearance of the lamp, I think the color selection function is very good, but also strong enough, the base is very stable, will not worry about tipping over. This lamp exceeded my expectations. The assembly is simple, and the application that controls it is intuitive.
Hello everyone. Very fast delivery to Germany. Received on the third day after the order. Everything is satisfied. The lamp is not damaged. Very beautiful light, especially the ambilight illumination. I advise you to purchase
ночник очень компактных размеров, я сделан из качественных материалов как и всегда всё от xiaomi, Я из минусов могу отметить вилку китайскую Но продавец положил переходник на европейскую также к минусам могу отнести не очень сильный свет, ночник светит тёплым желтоватым светом, из плюсов есть режим автоматического включения, в общем ночник не плохой за свои деньги, я брал за 230₽
The lamps came in very very very bad condition, I really don't know how the lamp was intact inside. You guys need to improve the package, maybe bubble wrap or something else to avoid damages.
Un peu déçu, car on le les a recommandé. J’ai commandé les yeux fermés car je pensais qu’il y avait un détecteur de mouvement. En fait, non! J’aurai du lire la description. Mis à part ça. Elles fonctionnent bien. Et son élégantes, comme tous les articles de la marque.
Really really liked this product. Amazing funcionality, amazing collors. Lots of different programs. You can set it to turn on and off in the time you want, even if you're not home. Run smoothly on android and has a good connectivity with google home. You can even make a mood with both of them working together or make them respond to the music played. I strongly recomend it!
Excellent lamp, my family love it! Very bright and powerful. The light temperature can be changed from warm yellow to bright bluish, it can be dimmed, can be used separately from the colourful leds and controlled from my smartphone. Wonderful!
Verarbeitung ist gut, Leuchtkraft und Farben auch. CN Adapter auf EU wird mitgeliefert.<br><br>Einbindung in HomeKit und Yeelight Ap problemlos, wenn das Smartphone / Tablet zur Einrichtung in das 2,4 GHz Netz eingebucht ist.<br><br>Leider noch nicht zur deutschen Xiaomi Mi Home App kompatibel (steht auch in den ausführlichen Hinweisen). In der China Version aber schon da.
Light bulbs well assembled but requires more knowledge to configure It proper, even witth the assistance within the app.<br>Works fine with different app Yeelight ir MIHome.<br>Its treak to connect to Alexa but is possible
Nice yeelight xiaomi lamp. Good design. Installation is not easy at all. Light is a bit too bright. Motion detection works fine. Light doesn't turn in daytime which is great!
I've received the ceiling light today, it came in great packaging. The ceiling light works perfectly. <br><br>There is a side-note from my side that I had to switch region on the Mi Home App to Chinese Mainland to be able to discover the light, otherwise it didn't work with my European region.<br><br>Thank you, great product again. I like it a lot. :)
fajne oświetlenie, brakuje tylko możliwości powrotu do białego światła bez odłączania od prądu.<br>poza tym naprawdę świetna taśma, nad łóżkiem potrafi dodać filmowego klimatu każdej akcji ;>
It is very smart and beautiful device. In few seconds I paired with a Dimmer Switch Smart. I can set the intensity, I can choose the colour ( warm or cold light) and I can swith on/off. Thank's , Gerabest.
It is very smart and beautiful device. In few seconds I paired with a Dimmer Switch Smart. I can set the intensity, I can choose the colour ( warm or cold light) and I can swith on/off. Thank's , Gerabest.
Arrived in very good package ans perfrect condition. Very easy and gast installation. Looks great in any option ans gets really well with variator. Very pleasant and versatile, stars give a real mood to the room (music, Reading, relaxing) and are quiet discret at full power !!! very happy with it !
livraison de la lampe avec son câble et son sticker magnétique, ras<br>recharge de la lampe puis mis en fonction, pas de recharge depuis plus de 2 semaines<br>très bonne détection à 180°<br>installation dans un couloir menant aux chambres<br>je recommande se produit.
Works fine, does great work.<br>It's easy to control with app.<br>Looks nice
Confezione curata<br>Installazione semplicissima, è sufficiente fare 2 fori per i tasselli e in 5 minuti la plafoniera è pronta per essere utilizzata.<br>Installazione in una camera da letto, luce veramente intensa, diverse regolazioni possibili.
very nice product, with good quality and works very well. The light is bright enough but not too much, suitable for kids rooms!
Sehr gute RGB-LED für wenig Geld.<br>Habe die Lampen jetzt seit mehr als 2 Jahren im Einsatz und bin immer wieder von der Leistung der Lampe begeistert.<br><br>Helles Kalt-, sowie Warmlicht für den normalen Gebrauch, aber auch sehr gute Lichtstärke der RGBs.
xiaomi yeelight smart led ac100-240v 10w<br>good product - easy to install, to use, to integrate to xiaomi home application
Great mosquito killer!<br>Pros: Perfect protection from mosquitos. Works much better in complete darkness.<br><br>Cons: none
Thanks for lihgt. It´s working. Now I have yeelight 650 and 450.
Sendo sincero a luz é um pouco mais fraca do que eu imaginei que seria, a haste não faz tantos movimentos como descreve. Não tem capacidade de conexão com smartphone. Em contrapartida é muito boa, resistente e atende ao que oferece.
great lights very bright and we'll build easy to connect with your network and to operate remotely
Produto muito legal, boa qualidade e ilumina bem a noite e não incomoda para dormir. <br>Veio bem embalado e demorou um pouco pra chegar pois comprei em Dezembro, mas já instalei e funciona com especificado.<br>Muito bom, tudo OK.
The product is amazing and utilizes premium materials. Looks and feel solid. The app is great too.
La lampada è spettacolare, sia come lampada da lettura che da atmosfera per cene ed eventi.
Fast delivery delivery and good price for this yeelight switch.