Launched in 2014, Amazfit is the largest wearable device company worldwide with over 50 million units sold today and 17.1% global marketshare. Our product focus on the Pace, Arc, Bip, Moonbeam and Equator, effortlessly track activity without sacrificing style. Amazfit is also the exclusive provider of wearable technology for Xiaomi and maker of the Mi Band.

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4.8 out of 5

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I love the look of this watch so much! It looks attractive and build quality is great.<br><br>It has all the features that you want, even beyond your expectations. The large round screen and available in various watch faces, allowing you joyful to look at. The design and quality of the GTR is classy and modern. Lots of activities that I can use, such as running, cycling or swimming etc.<br>What's more, the water resistant rating of this watch is 5 ATM, which is great for my water swim activities. The long battery life makes me its to wear for everyday use. Also it has many other functions such as call reminders, notifications, weather forecast, alarms, compass and so on. <br>The continuous heart rate monitoring is so good to get the real time feedback on my current heart rate, and master the data to know is too high or low.<br>Overall, I love to wear it during the day and night. Definitely recommend this item for you.
The main function: a lot of functions, mainly to pay attention to heart rate monitoring function, because the heart rate needs to be controlled during exercise, can achieve fat reduction effect; In addition, the watch can support a lot of sports state, more practical.<br>Endurance: I bought it for a week and I haven't charged it yet. At present, there are still 65% left, and the endurance is very strong.<br>Comfort: The watch itself is light and has little weight. The watch belt is soft, but to be honest, it is very stuffy and not very comfortable. Usually I am wearing a metal chain watch, I am used to it.<br>Accuracy: I feel that the sleep test is not particularly accurate, and other functions are not bad.<br>Other features: It is very convenient when charging, the watch can be directly magnetized. There are many styles of dials, and there is a lot of choice.
L'orologio è stato consegnato nei tempi dichiarati dall'ordine, con un imballaggio integro ed adeguato al prodotto , perfettamente funzionante, ho avuto non poche difficoltà a configurarlo in una lingua diversa dal cinese, ma con l'aiuto di tutorial e forum sono riuscito a configurarlo prima in inglese e poi in italiano, l'Amazfit è ottimo perfettamente visibile sotto la luce del sole, l'APP che lo gestisce è chiara e facile da utilizzare. E' un oggetto che consiglio a tutti anche per il costo, anche se sconsigliato nella specifica io l'ho usato anche nella doccia e nei bagni al mare senza nessun problema.<br>Da migliorare è il filmware per le funzioni di allenamento dello smartwatch, dove i risultati non vengono trasferiti sull'APP.
Appearance: 47mm dial, just the right size for my hand.<br>Screen: high resolution, looks like a real watch face in the sun, and the contents of the screen can be clearly seen<br>Battery life: amazing, it still remain 38 % power after using half a month<br>User experience: this watch has a lot of features, it's easy to set up, and very user-friendly<br>Performance: 8 kinds of sports modes, that is very professional. Data syncing to the phone is fast.<br>Heart rate monitoring: no comparison, so I am not sure if it is accurate or not, but with the built-in very professional sensor, it should be precise.<br><br>In short, it's a smartwatch worth buying.
So far, the watch works fine. Everything seems like alright. The screen display effect is good under the strong light, but I can see the screen contents very clearly. <br><br>What impressed me most is the heart rate monitoring function, which is very accurate and precise. I got to know my heart rate data in different states at any time, which is very useful and worth referring to for me. <br><br>And it charges very quickly, filling up in less than two hours. <br><br>Silicone watchband wearing very comfortable breathable, after the exercise, it is not stuffy. It's a very beautiful design. I like it very much.
It's really like the Apple Watch. The square dial and 3D glass are similar to the Apple Watch, but the whole machine is lighter and thinner. The thickness is 9.4mm and the weight is 24.8g. The Apple Watch 4 of the same size has a thickness of 10.7mm and a weight of 36.7g. The screen is exquisite and feature-rich. The front is 1.6-inch AMOLED screen, 341ppi, touch is very sensitive, support 50m waterproof, NFC access control bus, double star positioning, heart rate monitoring.
I like it very much, looks and feel premium, and after 7 days of my normal use it is at 88% charge
Diese Uhr ist nun mittlerweile meine 5 Uhr von diesem Hersteller und ich kann sagen das ich zu keiner Zeit enttäuscht wurde. Auch mit dieser Uhr ist Xiaomi wieder was ganz tolles gelungen. Cooles Design und sehr wertig. Durch Armbänder in diversen Farben kann man sie an jeden Geschmack anpassen. Sämtliche Funktion sind schlüssig und funktionieren gut und durch diverse App's kann man den Funktionsumfang sogar noch erweitern bzw. optimieren.<br>Preis/Leistungsverhältnis passen hier voll.
Produto tem um bom acabamento, para os mais críticos o plástico deixa um pouco a desejar, tirando isso o produto é excelente, monitoramento do sono via app, monitora os seus treinos de maneira excelente, a tela ao sol é entrega excelente visibilidade, em ambientes mais escuros deixa um pouco a desejar, porém sua proposta é para ambiente externos com luz natural, então cumpre sua função, estou muito satisfeito com essa aquisição.
The battery life is very good. It was fully charged before going to bed yesterday. It is still 100% at 11 o'clock this morning. From getting to upgradeing, setting up for a long time, basically no power failure, I did not expect the battery life is really strong, according to the current power consumption speed, full power can be used for nearly 20 days.
I bough it over a year ago, but I never thought that it would be my first choice to wear every day.<br>It can take a beating, a few scratches are showing after all this time but it still looks good and battery life is excellent!
É um smartwach muito bonito,A troca de pulseira é muito fácil, é preciso nas marcações e a bateria dura 5 dias dependendo do uso.Não aconselho entrar na agua com ele.vale a pena comprar pelas funções e o ótimo custo beneficio.
I have been using this watch for over a year and it functions as claimed. I appreciate the very long battery life ( I get over 20 days using the GPS, 3 times a week). The best-value fitness tracker, in my opinion.
I bought this watch for my girlfriend, and she likes it very much. It looks so shinny and elegant with the Swarovski crystals, if you are bother your head about giving gifts, try this watch.
Ottimo smartwatch per caratteristiche e funzionalità.<br>Ottima visibilità del display anche in piena luce solare.<br>Autonomia di lunga durata nel funzionamento normale che tuttavia si riduce nell'utilizzo intenso e continuo del gps.<br>Design accattivante soprattuto nella colorazione arancione.
The battery life of the Amazfit Verge is pretty good. The watch lasted around four days on an average with moderate usage (one GPS workout per day and all notifications enabled
Já tive alguns modelos, mas esse é o que mais gostei.<br>Sistema não muda muito para os outro, mas a tela dele é muito linda cores fantásticas e o material muito bom.
La entrega se realizó dentro del plazo esperado y en un buen empaquetado , con lo que llegó en perfecto estado, la relación del producto calidad/precio es muy competente , la lástima es que yo calzo un 42 en casi todas las marcas y para la siguiente ocasión voy a pedir un número más
little bit late of arrival due to stock issue. but at last it come. great watch quality, battery last more compare to my apple watch.
Já tive um, este é o meu segundo.<br>Bateria dura muito!<br>Bonito, estiloso e super confortável.<br>Comprei pois gostei muito desta cor, e combina muito comigo.<br>Caso esteja em dúvidas sobre comprá-lo ou não, vai na fé que é coisa boa!
My first Gearbest order was excited and came just right timecof purpose! Thank you... great built as expexted.
it's one step forwar mi band family. I strongly recommend it. delivery took so much time but it's typical from any chinese item. if you want something faster and more expensive, try amazon. <br>the only problem I found was that you can't replace strap like miband.
Ha sido mi primer smartwatch. La versión no era la europea, pero pasar de la china a la europea, es muy sencillo y hay un montón de tutoriales que explican como hacerlo.<br>El funcionamiento fantástico.<br>Muy satisfecho con su funcionamiento y con la compra
This deal is good because price is lower a lot than buying at home country. Besides that, it is good in shape and color too.
Good pair of sneakers for the price is excellent, nothing special.
otimo produto perfeito excelente qualidade, funciona perfeitamente compraria mais e mais, chegou super rapido
Fast delivery, everything looks as described, high quality watch band, looks great on Amazfit GTR, given buy.
Otimo smartwatch, entrega o que promete. O fato e ter GPS e marcas a distancia sem a necessidade de usar o celular ajuda muito nos esportes.<br>Contra<br>falta ainda a idioma em português
It reads steps correctly, I don't use it anymore. The app is great too.
Pleased that the watch is working. Only charge about once a month. Would highly recommend.